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Don't let your electrical system fall into disrepair. Modernize it with the help of CNE Electrical Contractors, LLC. You'll get the expertise and help you need from a qualified electrician with years of experience. We can determine what's wrong with your residential, commercial or industrial electrical system and do what needs to be done to fix it. We can help with commercial electrical upgrades, storefront build-outs, and new construction electrical work. 

No matter what kind of electrical service you need, you can count on our electrical contractors to provide it. We do residential, commercial, industrial and high voltage electrical work.

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Trying to make electrical repairs yourself could lead to serious damage and even more serious injury. Let a professional elelctrician take care of everything. When you call on our electrical contractors, we'll send a team with the resources and skills necessary to do the job right.

Hire us for commercial jobs like rewiring strip malls and salons, or call on us for residential work. We can take care of:

Whole-house rewiring

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Seasonal holiday lighting

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